Frequently asked questions

Why is there a session fee?

Your $50/ hour session fee includes my time, talent, and post-session re-touching on your final proofing gallery.. to be presented to you after your session. This session fee does not include any photos, and the reason I have my pricing structured this way is to ensure that my clients get the highest quality product, and only purchase what they LOVE!

Is there a travel fee for on-location sessions?

Yes, there is a travel fee of 0.60 cents per km outside a 25 km radius of our studio. During your booking process, whether you are booking over the phone, online, or in person, you desired session location may mean that there will be extra travel fees. These are calculated and invoiced to you once a location has been decided upon. *If there is a rental/ entrace fee for your desired location- this is your responsibility as well.

Do you offer digital images?

In an age of instant gratification, and digital imagery- I've decided to set myself and my work apart.. and bring back quality keepsake printing! Think about when you visit family and go through the photo albums, or the stacks of prints from your childhood... now think about how that experience makes you feel...I'm on a mission to bring that back!! I've taken years to search for the best quality printing, canvasing and albums as well as specialty keepsake items for my clients - I'm committed to providing only the best to my clients! So to end my rant and actually answer the question, yes, I offer digital images as an add-on with the purchase of print collections and keepsake items. Digital images are more expensive than our prints, not less expensive.. because the value they hold is exponentially higher due to the unlimited printing, and sharing that comes with it!

Where do your prints come from?

I have taken years to find the perfect labs to partner with, and I've been fortunate enough to find an AMAZING exclusive to professional photographers lab located in Ontario! Your keepsake heirlooms aren't only high-quality.. but they are also MADE IN CANADA!

Do you offer styled sessions such as cake-smash, and styled maternity sessions with a wardrobe selection?

I do offer these sessions, with a reasonable additional fee determined depending on your unique needs...for my styling and providing the items/ wardrobe necessary for the session you desire. It's my job to give you ARTWORK you LOVE.

What do people normally spend on a session with you?

My clients generally spend anywhere between $300-$900+ on a single session with me, depending on the artwork they want to display in their home, and how. Through talking with you about your needs, budget, and what type of artwork suits your needs best, I am able to provide you with an approximate quote on what you'd be looking to spend. HOWEVER- no product is purchased until AFTER you see your photos! So ultimately... you choose ONLY the photos you absolutely love.. and exactly how you wish to enjoy them!